• Testimonials

  • Jacqueline Weisser

    My name is Jacqueline Weisser and at the time of using Gus Southey's coaching service, I was doing online training as a coach. Goal trauma was something I really struggled with after I'd failed to achieve my idealist dream of bringing a valuable course to thousands of parents to improve their relationships with their children. My traumatised self-esteem felt like '10/10' for trauma when we started the session.Gus provided me with a safe environment to examine this painful issue that had caused 9 years of depression and still hung over me like a dark cloud. I still felt I deserved punishment for having failed. Once Gus had a grasp of the problem, he immediately got me to tap, using the Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, on the incident as my emotions were very high. Further discussion and questions were both to the point as well as illuminating regarding my past and present situation. He helped me to see, on an emotional level, that I had done the best I could have at the time considering the resources and minimal support I had received. I realised that I had been punishing myself, not only during my 9 years of depression, but also to the present day. Gus gently reaffirmed that I was a wiser and stronger person having had that experience and we tapped on changing my negative viewpoint to a completely positive one. The result was a 60% reduction of my painful emotions and he followed up by sending me an appropriate tapping script which I used for homework.I found Gus to be sensitive, caring and helpful while coaching me through this past painful event. I would recommend him to anyone with any negative beliefs or life situation which they are finding hard to change. He helps people by guiding them to let go of any past trauma and move forward to a life of endless joy and abundance.

  • Rene Botha

    Working with Gus has been a life changing experience for me. His coaching sessions consistently provided fresh opportunities to discern the true nature of my life situation and to become clearly aware of where I am, where I really want to go and most importantly, what I needed to do to get there. Gus helped me make my dreams come true! I highly recommend Gus as an excellent Wealth & Wellness Coach.

  • Michelle Steyn

    Gus transformed my beliefs regarding financial freedom. He assisted me to narrow down my millions of if's and maybe's in order to set realistic and achievable goals. His ability to broaden your vision assists greatly in shifting your inner motivation to be the financial achiever you were always meant to be. I am on my road to a wealthy future and couldn't have made the progress without his guidance.