• Terms And Conditions

  • Coaching Ground Rules

    1. Coaching sessions may take place between 9 am and 9 pm, Monday through Saturday.
    2. It is the responsibility of Client to call Coach at the scheduled date and time for a coaching session if conducted via Skype or Phone.
    3. There will be no refund or rescheduling for sessions missed by Client without prior notice.
    4. If either Client or Coach needs to reschedule a session due to an unavoidable conflict or illness, each will give the other at least 24 hours’ notice prior to a session to reschedule (unless it is a true emergency).
    5. Both Client and Coach agree to allow sessions to be recorded as an audio recording. Recordings may only be used and accessed by Client and Coach, and will not be provided to other parties unless by written agreement.

    Agreements Terms & Condition

    1. Information shared in coaching sessions is confidential and not shared outside the session unless mutually agreed upon, and documented in writing by Coach. The only exception to this procedure would be in a situation where Coach is required by law to make a disclosure, or where Coach has a good-faith belief that disclosure of information is necessary to comply with the law, to protect Coach's rights or property, to avoid harm to Coach, Client or anyone else, or to respond to an emergency. In such situations, disclosure would be limited to essential information.
    2. It is understood that coaching sessions are not therapy sessions or psychological counselling sessions, nor will any coaching sessions be a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care or substance abuse treatment. Furthermore, Client will not use any coaching sessions in place of diagnosis, treatment or therapy. Client will seek independent professional guidance for legal, medical, financial, business, or family matters. Client understands that all decisions in these areas are exclusively his/hers, and Coach acknowledges that decisions and actions regarding them are Client's sole responsibility.
    3. Client further acknowledges that coaching does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental disorders as defined by the American Psychiatric Association, and Client understands that Coach is neither an employment agent, financial analyst, mental health practitioner, business manager, legal advisor, licensed therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist nor medical doctor.
    4. Client understands and agrees that he/she is fully responsible for his/her physical, mental and emotional well-being during all coaching sessions, including choices and decisions made both during and after the sessions.
    5. Except as expressly provided in this agreement, the Coach makes no guarantees or warranties, express or implied. Client agrees to utilize coaching services will the full understanding that Coach and its employees and volunteers are in no way liable for the Client’s decisions, actions and outcomes. Client also agrees to hold Coach free of all liability and responsibility for any adverse situations created as a direct or indirect result of a specific referral, advice given or any actions taken while working with or as a direct result with Coach. Notwithstanding any damages that the Client may incur, the Coach’s entire liability under this agreement, and the Client’s exclusive remedy, will be limited to the amount paid by the Client to the Coach under this agreement for all services rendered up until the termination date.
    6. Client understands that "coaching" is a professional-client relationship that is designed to facilitate the creation/development of personal, professional or business goals, and to develop, as well as carry out, a strategy/plan for achieving those goals. Client acknowledges that deciding how to handle these goals, incorporate coaching into those goals, and implement these goals, is exclusively his/her responsibility.
    7. Client promises that if he/she is currently in therapy under the care of a mental health professional, that he/she has consulted with the mental health care provider regarding the advisability of working with a Coach, and that this person is aware of the decision to proceed with the Coaching relationship.
    8. This is the entire agreement of the parties, and reflects a complete understanding of the parties regarding the subject matter. This agreement supersedes all prior written and oral representations.
    9. Client’s signature on this agreement or email confirmation of this agreement indicates full understanding of and consent to the terms of this agreement. Client indicates his/her agreement by:

      (1) Replying to the email that accompanied this agreement and write I ACCEPT THIS AGREEMENT in the subject line of the email


      (2) Signing below and returning the signed agreement via email to gussouthey@gmail.com, OR via mail to No. 6A, 1/F, NAM A VILLAGE, SAI KUNG, NEW TERRITORIES, HONG KONG

    Please contact Gus Southey if you require any more information about the service.


    CONTACT: info@gussouthey.com