• Law of Attraction

  • ‘Like attracts like’ is a powerful and well-known phrase and basically works just like a magnetic field attracts certain objects or materials. Everything in our physical universe is made up of source energy and energy vibrates at various frequencies, i.e. We are all physical and vibrational beings and our level of vibration or vibrational frequency is directly related to our emotions.

    Positive emotions generate higher frequency vibrations and vice versa. We can use our ‘Emotional Guidance System’ to monitor our vibrational energy and therefore take control of what experiences we attract in our lives because we alone are in control of our emotions.

    Law of Attraction is also a universal law, whether people accept it or not. This is the reason why the best way to experience love, peace, joy, power or anything for that matter, is to give it away. The Law of Attraction, as well as the Law of Abundance, states that whatever you give away, you’ll attract back into your life two-fold. This is why it feels so good when you’re able to help someone or perform a good deed!

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