• How to stop Self-Sabotage and Why we do it?

  • What is Self-Sabotage?

    by Gus Southey

    There are two fundamental questions frequently affecting our daily lives: "Do we realise we constantly self-sabotage ourselves every day and why are we doing it?” My own unconscious suffering eventually inspired me to find a quintessential solution by becoming an Energy Healer and Law of Attraction Coach who practices the Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.), also known as Tapping. This article explains why we're trapped in the 'Self-Sabotage Syndrome'.

    Most of our negative beliefs, especially concerning wealth and abundance, are instilled by collective and social conditioning imposed upon us from an extremely young age. In reality, it's an acute form of self-sabotage and explains why we're inclined to view life as a monumental struggle from start to finish. We're stuck in financial surviving mode, instead of thriving mode. Our financial security usually persists to be our primary life focus and a lingering woe we never quite resolve. For example, consider common cumbersome phrases such as, ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’, ‘I need to be properly qualified’, ‘I don’t deserve it’, ‘Money is the root of all evil’, 'You must earn a living' etc… The term 'abundance' is also normally associated soley with wealth; However, money will never buy you abundant happiness, so it should firstly be perceived and experienced as pure limitless joy itself. It's crucial to let go of all our past financial trauma and also illuminate our gloomy monetary views. This allows abundance, in all of it's forms, to flow freely into our lives.

    Science has proven that everything in our universe, both physical and non-physical, is made of energy. Negative thinking produces negative emotions which cause our bodies’ energy levels to vibrate extremely slowly at a low frequency; Positive thoughts and emotions cause our energy levels to vibrate much faster at a high frequency. It explains why negative emotions disallow our bodies’ energy meridians to flow freely resulting in blockages. Once this blocked energy has been freed via E.F.T. 'Tapping' (See Blog Article), you have essentially bridged the gap between your inspired action and the positive goal you're aiming for. The powerful and universal Law of Attraction (See Blog Article) will consequently begin working in your favour by manifesting your desires. By realizing this phenomenon and freeing yourself from the grip of the 'Self-Sabotage Syndrome', you can confidently deal with any of your existing issues such as wealth (refer to Programs), and literally tap into your natural state of well-being to begin attracting the endless abundance you so rightly deserve into your life.


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